Titos Bolívar has been awarded the BRC and IFS Food Safety Certificates. These guarantee the most demanding food safety standards at an international level.


The brand “Degusta Jaén Calidad” (Taste Jaén Quality) is a collective community brand which encompasses the agri-food products of the Province of Jaén as a badge and hallmark of quality at a national and European level. If the product also has another stamp of quality already awarded, as is the case for Titos Bolivar, Degusta Jaén Calidad can award you a “Black Label”.

When we talk about food safety, we do so on various levels:

circulo1At the first level: compliance with the appropriate legislation (healthcare authorities regularly visit our plan to verify that we comply with the legislation of both the Spanish state and the Andalusian autonomous community).


circulo2At the second level: this is where Titos Bolívar are now located. As well as meeting all the requirements of the first level, we choose to operate under certain regulations concerning food safety which go beyond current legal requirements.  

We implement many measures of this kind, such as automated sensing for:


* detecting foreign bodies (e.g. metals) in the foodstuff

* analysing the paths of any containers which come into contact with the foodstuff

* monitoring the temperature of products all the way from their production to their delivery to our clients

* real-time tracking


All demanding measures invoving improved infrastructure as well as good handling and monitoring practices.


This is how we guarantee that the foods that we produce are safer, from origin to final consumption.The food safety certification at the highest level brings new value to our family business and we believe that the market will recognise this.

R&D is part of our identity at Titos Bolívar. We promise you products which will promote health, wellbeing, and food safety.


We have the best facilities and mechanical and human resources with which to develop products in line with these objectives, as well as a commitment to continuous investment in improving and innovating our production processes.


We currently manufacture allergen-free cold meats, maintaining the taste and nutritional properties of our products.


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