The TITOS BOLÍVAR family, who – for more than 50 years – have been passing down their expertise from generation to generation, will be in charge of are responsible for crafting a variety of lines of homemade, artisanal meat products, all having exceptional quality and taste.


Starting off with the most select pigs, Titos Bolívar produces hams and cold meats in a traditional fashion, with careful curing in drying rooms and cellars to obtain products which enjoy a high reputation for their bouquet and flavour. Among these products are blood sausage with onion, chorizo, salchichón (cured spiced pork sausage) and botifarra.


The Titos Bolívar family business is based in Noalejo, a town located in one of the largest Natural Parks in Spain, specifically in the region of Sierra Mágina (Jaén), situated more than 1,000 m above sea level, perfect for manufacturing cold meats.


It is a land of artisanal and industrial tradition where the slaughter, curing, and production of cold meats have driven activity in the village for centuries.


Titos Bolívar, have united that tradition with modern facilities and processes which comply with the IFS and BRC international quality standards that are necessary to put us at the front of the sector, guaranteeing rigorous controls on the handling of the meat in terms of technical resources and hygiene. Their facilities include a quartering room, a natural drying room for hams, and a factory for producing cold meats.


The new generation of TITOS BOLÍVAR are adding to their tradition with expertise, training, modern business management and R&D, all the time pushing for safety and quality.


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